Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shop finished

In a previous post, pictures were posted of the break room at our shop cleaned, painted and the floors buffed and waxed. When we haven't been able to get into the course this past month(this project has taken a while since the weather has been so good for March) we have painted the walls, did some major decluttering, and painted the shop floor. It turned out great. The seasonal staff have a much better atmosphere to come back to.

Grinding area and bench in mechanics bay before we cleaned

Major cleaning and painting was needed to 45 year old building

During the process

After floor and walls were painted

Another view....MUCH BETTER

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tree project update

All but 5 of the 120+ stumps have been ground and cleaned up. About 80% of the stump holes have been filled. So far we have used over 80 tons of topsoil. Some areas have been seeded, but most still need a finish grade and soil prep. I couldn't be happier with where we are at on this project and with the dry weather the past 7 days, we are definitely ahead of schedule.
Stumps on #12 Devlin Tee ground, before they were cleaned up

Stump shavings cleaned up and holes filled - Still need finish grade and seed

We are trying different ways to level areas....this has been the best so far with a tiller attachment for the tractor.  This helps level everything out.  This area was raked and seeded later today.

Trenching an area where a stump was on 2/3 Devlin

After french drain was installed, finish work with topsoil was done

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mowing greens on March 11th?

Today we mowed the greens on both courses as well as the practice greens. We will cut again next week and spray fertilizer, fungicide, and growth regulator for poa annua seedhead control. We mowed greens 24 days earlier this year than last. Let's hope this weather continues.

#5 Weiskopf before mowing. Dormant Earthworks fertilizer worked great

#1 Weiskopf after mowing

#3 Devlin Green after mowing

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chipping brush and grinding stumps

The weather the past two days has been great to get a head start on things this season. Our crew rented a chipper the past two days and chipped tops of trees we cut down as well as any branches and small trees that have fallen this winter. The Tree Project cleanup crew is left with grinding stumps, cleaning up stump shavings and fixing ruts on the course. Today they continued grinding stumps and will start to cleanup the shavings tomorrow.

Greens on Both courses were blown clean today and cups were changed on the Weiskopf. We will roll the greens on Weiskopf tomorrow. Enjoy the weather!!

Chipping limbs/brush along #18 Devlin

Stumps ground at #4/5 Devlin

Greens look great for March 8th....#13 Weiskopf

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Winter/early spring play

The past two Sundays, we have allowed play on the Weiskopf course and the regular greens. Hopefully, we can have an early spring and have much more golf in the near future. A couple observations while checking things out this week. Without tee markers, please spread out divots and replace them on the par 3 tees. This will help the tees to not have big areas of concentrated divots in the spring. The grass is not growing and seed will not germinate with cold air and ground temperatures. PLEASE repair ball marks. This is always the case, but with the grass not growing and with us not mowing, topdressing, etc, it is imperative to fix ball marks. Another key thing is checking in with the proshop and seeing what the rules are for the day.  Some days the greens are in a freeze/thaw period where the Devlin temporary greens are all that are open.  If the course does not open until a specific time, please do not go on the course until then.  You will see in a picture below how someone walked on the green with frost and left brown footprints that will take some time to recover. We will be going around Monday and chipping up all the brush and limbs that we have staged by the cart paths. We focus the cleanup efforts first on Weiskopf, so that one course can be in as good of shape as possible when the golf season starts. With most of the tree work on Devlin, it will be a slower process getting Devlin cleaned up. As always, please feel free to call or email me with any questions regarding the course. I look forward to seeing everyone soon playing golf.
Leave grass between the divots please so they can grow in from 4 directions.  These four divots on top of each other will take a long time to heal.  Thank you

Poa/bent on #16 Devlin green looking good and healthy on March 1st

Footprints left on the green from walking on the frost

Not quite sure what made these frost marks, maybe some sort of animal