Friday, June 24, 2016

Reminder of bug spray and sunscreen

Please do not spray bug spray or sunscreen on yourself while on the turf. It will kill it. See picture from one of our fairways below. You can see exactly where they were standing. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New bunkers

The bunker project completely wrapped up last Friday. Golf Creations did excellent work again and finished two weeks ahead of schedule. They compacted the sand much better this year. It will still be fluffy as it dries out, but I am happy with the firmness for new bunkers. I ask that all members please rake the bunkers when you are in them. We are having a terrible time with members and guests not raking the bunkers this year after they are in them. Evening golfers tend to not rake them as they think maintenance will take care of them the next morning. We do not rake bunkers everyday. This helps keep them firmer and allows us to focus on other things around the course. We have done a rake inventory and added rakes in some of the bunkers.
Multiple footprints in the bunker on #1 right after it was raked for the first time earlier in the day
#13 Devlin new bunkers