Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not frozen yet

We have been able to get done bonus projects done this past week with the ground not being frozen. We have added some drainage to bunkers on Devlin that hold water, edged and cleaned up the clubhouse landscape and also opened up the corner of #7 Devlin. Below is a picture of Jeff clearing that corner. We are going to keep that area mowed down this year to speed up play and open up a better view from the left side of the fairway.
#7 Devlin hillside

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tree work

Over the summer months, we are able to observe which trees on the property need to be taken down. We look at safety, health of the tree, health of trees around them, health of the Turfgrass, playability and other factors. We mark trees that are dead while leaves are still around and also mark trees that are safety hazards. We had a big storm this summer that exposed trees that were still alive, but had become dangerous and prone to fall. We look closely for those trees so we don't put ourselves in a situation where we have to affect play with trees that fall across playable areas in the golfing months. Here are some pictures of some trees we have already removed for those factors.
#11 Weiskopf (3 dead trees removed in front of tees)

Rotted out

Up through #2/3 Devlin

More in front of #2 Devlin tee

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter golf

During the winter, we have put temporary flagsticks out in the fairway on the Devlin course. They are on holes 1-5, 10,12-14,16-18. When the ground is frozen or in a freeze/thaw we will use the temporary flags to protect the regulation greens. Please stay off the greens during this time. Please skip holes 11,15 on the back as there is no where to put a temporary flag. 

On days where we are not frozen over the next few weeks, the Weiskopf course will be open for play and the entire course including the greens will be available. Please check with the pro shop each day to see if we are on temps or if the Weiskopf is open. Today we are on the temporary flags on the Devlin course.  Thank you for your understanding.