Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DryJect demo on #5 Weiskopf

We did a demo of a different kind of aeration last Thursday on #5 Weiskopf. The machine uses water pressure to create channels in the greens to then fill with sand. This may be an option in the future at Quail Hollow.

The Green sand shows how deep and how well the sand gets in compared to regular aeration

You can see the new white roots from the aeration hole from 3 weeks ago

Our recent aeration has been great for creating channels for air and water to get into the soil

Friday, October 3, 2014

#17 Devlin fairway

You will see #17 Devlin fairway with a roped off area for the next few days. We had a 6" mainline blowout occur sometime Thursday night or Friday morning. It looks like it was an old fix that was done in the past. We have valved down the Devlin irrigation and will fix the break sometime next week as the weather permits.

not good

after water was shut off

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weiskopf aeration

Today we finished up our fall aeration on the Weiskopf course. We aerated the greens with 3/8" cores. On Devlin we used 5/8" so these are significantly smaller and should heal faster. We pulled cores on the tees and approaches and spiked all the fairways. The course will be open tomorrow depending on the forecasted rain.

Jeff Austin aerating the cart barn putting green today

Up close view of green before the sand