Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Air for the Devlin green

Yesterday we "vented" the greens on the Devlin course. We used the aerifier with small .25" pencil tines to create a small channel in the surface about 3-4" deep. This allows air and water to get to the roots and will help dry the greens out just a little. With all the rain we have received, they just need the breathe. After venting, we mowed them, lightly topdressed  them with walk spreaders and the sprayed two wetting agents to help move water through the soil more efficiently. Today, it was hardly noticeable that we did anything, yet the benefits will help us battle this extremely wet weather.
Venting with needle tines

Just enough of a hole for air and water to get in

Mowing to smooth out surface

Sand to smooth out surface as well

2 wetting agents that help water penetrate more efficiently into the soil and dry out the surface

Monday, June 29, 2015

Range tee divots

While doing our normal Monday range maintenance with the range closed from 12-4, I noticed some of the divot patterns  that are on the range. Below are pictures with the good and the bad.   The bottom two pictures are how we would prefer you make divots while on the range.  THANK YOU.
VERY BAD!! This will take all season to recover and seed will not germinate well in this big area with mowers going over it

VERY BAD AS WELL!  Same situation as before.  A big pit.

MUCH BETTER!! Grass can grow in from two sides and seed can sit down in the lines and will only be disturbed a little.  This takes up very little space on the range.

VERY GOOD AS WELL!!!  While this takes up a much bigger area, the divots can recover from all four sides and seed has a small bed to germinate in and thrive. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunscreen and bug spray

Please do not spray sunscreen or bugspray while you are on the turf. It will turn it brown or even kill it. You can see this persons footprints and the brown grass caused by either bugspray or sunscreen in the middle of 8 Weiskopf fairway.
Footprints amongst brown grass

More rain

Last night and this morning we have had 2.7+" of rain. The Weiskopf course will open at 11 today unless we get more this morning and the Devlin will be closed. We had a lot of water on the course this morning.
#3 Weiskopf Greens Complex

#4 Weiskopf Creek

#15 Weiskopf Fairway

#7 Devlin Green.  It was half covered at one point

Monday, June 15, 2015

Wednesday driving range setup

On Wednesdsy morning, we have to run a power line on the left side of the driving range for the irrigation system. We will start around 8:30 and hopefully are finished around noon. During this time the hotel side of the range will be closed and the mats will only be setup on the right side of the cart barn range tee. This will only allow 4-6 people to hit at a time, but we will keep it open and keep shots as far away from us working as possible. Thank you for your understanding.