Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#8 Weiskopf drainage update

I posted a few weeks ago about the prep of #8 Weiskopf drainage. Here are some pictures of the install. 2 catch basins were added connected with solid pipe. At the first catch basin where the wet spot was is a series of lateral French drains. From all I can tell this is a natural spring and this should hopefully keep the surface water off it. We will let the drain lines settle over the next two months and then put the sod back on top before play resumes in the spring.

Drain lines being installed

Laterals being prepped for gravel - French drains were installed at the wet spot

Solid pipe installed from basin to existing drain line which another basin was installed.  Dirt filled in and allowed to settle the next few months.

French drains installed around catch basin.  Rock was installed and smoothed out with a little topsoil to level area out. Will be sodded before spring.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Prepping for drainage on #8 Weiskopf

Yesterday we prepped and removed snow from #8 Weiskopf. We had sod cut where we wanted to put drains before Christmas. This way we can put drain lines in, let it settle, then put back the sod before play begins in the spring. This is that continual wet spot in the landing area on the right side.
#8 Weiskopf

James Dobbins clearing trench line

Sod had been cut to keep the process clean.  Ready for treching in the AM