Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bunker project

The bunker project on the Weiskopf course is starting to wrap up. The crew from Golf Creations did a great job and would have been done in less than two weeks. Weather the past two weeks delayed them from spraying the last 16 bunkers with the Better Billy Bunker polymer liner. The moisture in the gravel must be less than 15% and they have to have a certain temperature to get a good spray. They have worked the past two days trying to finish the project this weekend. The ones that are complete turned out great. We will do everything we can over the next few months to pack the sand. The new sand will be fluffy for a short amount of time until it gets packed in much better.

Golf Creations spraying the polymer

over 400 tons of sand were delivered yesterday

#3 Finished product from the tee

#4 Finished

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sand bottles

In the past there have been sand buckets with seed on the par three tees. This year we have removed the buckets because we are filling the divots everyday with sand and seed as part of the morning setup. This allows the divots to be taken care of daily and one less thing for the mowers and setup guys to move. As part of morning setup, they are trained to empty trash, move tee markers, seed and sand divots, change water coolers and check ball washers(this has been added as it was not getting done ). Please still take sand bottles from your cart to fill divots on the tees as there will no longer be buckets. We are working with the pro shop staff to make sure the bottles stands on #7 Weiskopf and #10 Devlin will have replacement bottles when you are out of sand. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Valve project coming along

One if the main reasons of the capital valve project was to completely isolate the irrigation on the Devlin course from the Weiskopf. The valve that shut down the Devlin would not shut all the way. Precision Golf came in and put a new valve to isolate the Devlin. Between 8-10 more isolation valves will be replaced or added and all the holes that have been dug will be gone. They should finish up early next week.

8" main shutoff valve for the Devlin