Monday, May 30, 2016

Irrigation problems

Saturday morning we had a leak under a road in the neighborhood. For the Devlin course we have no as builts. We had no idea this pipe was there. It runs from 10 Devlin tee through people's yards across the street through 2 more yards and connects somehow at 12 green. We have been working round the clock to get it fixed. We have water everywhere except 11 and 12 Devlin. Jeff and James have done a great job and worked a 15+ hour day on Sunday just to get water on all but those two holes. Hopefully by Wednesday we will have it all fixed. In the meantime pray for rain because we missed all the rain on the Devlin course Sunday night. Weiskopf had about a tenth.
Looking for pipe

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

11 Green irrigation

We had a irrigation leak in the bottom of 11 green right side bunker. This is the 2nd one in this bunker in the last two years in different spots. With the Better Billy Bunker project going on, we needed to make a permanent fix as all three other bunkers had irrigation under them. We decided it was best to run a whole new irrigation loop around the green and not in the bunkers. This will avoid a future headache if there ever was a leak under the bunkers again.
Irrigation water coming up through the bunker
Contraption of pipes 2 plus feet under the bunker
trenching new line around bunker
Sod cut for easy repair

Replacing the sod after line was installed
Guys did a great job

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Devlin Bunker Project

The Devlin bunker project started a week ago. So far they have shelled out all the old sand on holes 1 thru 6, 9, 17 and 18. They are putting the new drainage tile in and getting ready for all the gravel. They are making very good time so far. Below are some pictures.
#1 bunker being shelled out
#2 Bunker reshaped from the backside

#2 back side had no lip and balls rolled out of the bunker.  Around 500 square foot was removed and a new higher lip was added.

Final shape of the bunker after the small left sand finger was removed.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Practice putting

While practicing putting on any of the putting greens, please do not stand in one spot. This kills the grass. Please move around. You can see how staying in one spot can cause damage like below on the back putting green at the range.
Foot prints on the back putting green on the range
Another set of footprints on the green