Wednesday, May 27, 2015


One of my favorite days of the year is when we plant our annual flowers. We used green leaf rose "Whopper" begonias this year with some white begonias mixed in as well. Whopper begonias get about 2-3 times as big as regular begonias and produce many flowers. Our annuals were grown specifically for us at Middle Ridge Nursery in Madison. The were very good quality this year and they have provided us with excellent service. Flowers were planted in pots at the back veranda, the pro shop entrance, the clubhouse putting green, main entrance and #1 tee.
Prepping and planting

Entrance to pro shop

Side Entrance

New Beds this year at clubhouse putting green

Monday, May 25, 2015

Maple seedlings and updates

The maple seedlings have been especially bad this year. We have been sending extra guys to blow greens/tees/fairways off in front of the mowers and then cleanup greens later in the day. Most of the time within a few minutes you can hardly tell as the playing surfaces are covered again. Hopefully we are winding down and we won't be dealing with them much longer.  

The seed is coming up nicely on holes 2/3 Devlin. We are going to start allowing carts on #3 Devlin this week, but continue with Cart Path Only on #2. Please abide by the black enter/exit posts as they will be placed to allow traffic away from the seeded areas. Thank you for your patience with this as we have seen good results the past two springs getting grass to grow in those areas where there used to be dirt. Once established, the irrigation is now operable and should keep the grass healthy. As always, cart traffic is not the best for turf, but using the rules that are in place will make for the best possible conditions this season. Below are some pictures. 

Maple Seedlings on #3 Weiskopf 

#18 Weiskopf Saturday morning

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Annual Flowers delayed until Tuesday

Today we were scheduled to plant our annual flowers around the clubhouse, at #1 tee and a few other areas. I had our grower hold the delivery until Tuesday due to a slight frost chance on Friday night/Saturday morning. We will be using white begonias backdropped by my favorite flower "Whopper Begonias". They will be green leaf Rose colored. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bunker Project Complete

Golf Creations was in and out of here in ten days and finished up the rest of the Weiskopf green side bunkers. All green sides on the Weiskopf course have been rebuilt with the Better Billy Bunker system.  They did great work. Here are some pictures of the project.
Bunker cleaned out.  Adding new drain lines

Adding gravel layer on top of the drainage.  Old drainage pipe that was removed.

Gravel layer complete and ready for polymer spray

Finished product on #9. It was brought back close to its original shape so on the tee you can see the back bunker.

Before and after of #1. It was also brought back to the original design