Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crew Spotlight - Jeff Austin

Jeff Austin - Devlin Golf Course Superintendent
Jeff has been the Devlin Golf Course Superintendent at Quail Hollow since last April and was instrumental in the course conditions on the Devlin course last season. In the late fall and winter, he also helps with projects on the Weiskopf course. He came to Quail Hollow from Augusta National Golf Club where he had worked since 2010. Jeff has worked 5 Masters tournaments, a U.S. Women's Open, a Senior PGA Championship and will be working the 2015 Masters tournament as well. He was an assistant superintendent at Beechmont CC, Lake Forest CC, and Stonewater here in NE Ohio before heading to Georgia. He has a turf degree from Penn State and a political science degree from the University of Dayton. Jeff has made improvements to the irrigation system, drainage system, turf quality, personnel management and overall golf course maintenance operation during his time at Quail. He is an asset to our team and my go to guy. If you have not met Jeff, please say hello when you see him around the club.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter update

With the cold weather coming this weekend, the snow that is covering the course provides an excellent blanket to avoid winter damage. I have been on several greens this week and dug through the snow to see if we have an ice layer at the surface. An ice layer can choke off the plant if it is covered for an extended period of time and cause damage. As of now, we do not have an ice layer and the snow is very beneficial. The grass underneath is nice and green and has not been exposed to the elements since Jan 5th. Here are some other winter pictures from the course.
#6 Weiskopf Green under 12-15" of snow.  NO ICE!

#6 Weiskopf in front of left green side bunker

Black and White #6 Weiskopf

#3 Weiskopf from tee

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 flags

The 2015 golf course flags and flagsticks are in. We are ready for spring weather to get them on the course. We changed the back flag color to a lighter blue to make them easier to see. The new Quail Hollow logo is incorporated as well.
New Flags