Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow, Equipment maintenance and Tee Markers

Winter work started a little early this year and so did the questions, "What do you do all winter?"  Well, snow plowing is our everyday #1 priority to keep the walks and parking lots clear. Other tasks include cleaning and painting all amenities such as ball washers, trash cans, tee markers, benches, signs and anything else that needs refreshed. Tree worked is performed as well as any drainage work we can accomplish once the ground freezes. All maintenance on equipment takes place and 2 employees tackle that from mid November to mid March. We have six full time employees including myself that are constantly busy in the "off-season". Please stop down at the maintenance area to see all we have going on in the winter. Below are some pictures of today's work.
All walking greensmowers cleaned and ready to be serviced and reels ground and sharpened

Tommy Wetmore cleaning reels

Kenny changing gear oil in one of the sprayers and winterizing

Mike Baglia paiting the black body on 1 of the 360 tee markers that need painted

The difference of a fresh coat of paint on the bodies(was done last winter as well).  After all the black bodies are done, the colors are painted on and are ready to go in the spring.