Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekend Golf

Quick Course Update.

We have received 4.7" of rain in the past 15 days causing the course to be very wet and stay wet.  We are doing everything we can cleaning up leaves(mostly backpack blowing to avoid damage to the course).  We have been able to get out today(Friday) and blow the fairways off.  There are rows of leaves around greens, tees and fairways that we need to mulch up, but it is too wet to get our mowers out to do that. We will try to see if its possible to do some mulching late this afternoon or tomorrow morning without damaging the course.  This weekend we will roll and blow greens, blow tees and get the fairways cleared ahead of play on both courses.  There will be leaves that continue to build up throughout the day and we are doing everything we can to keep the course as clean as mother nature allows.  The leaves are at least 3 weeks behind this year and with the amount of rain we have received, it has made cleanup challenging, but manageable.  Both courses are in great shape and the turf is extremely healthy and starting to prepare for winter. Both Courses will be open this weekend and starting Monday, only one course will be open unless the volume of play is there for two.  Each day we will let the pro shop staff know which course is open. Have a great weekend of golf!!!