Monday, September 26, 2016

Weiskopf aeration starts tomorrow

We will be aerating the Weiskopf course starting tomorrow real early at 4am. We will try to get the greens and tees done tomorrow with the rain forecasted the rest of the week. The Devlin greens healed in 12-14 days completely. They were slow for a few days after that as the fertilizer we used ran its course through the plant and they continued to smooth out. The Devlin greens were smooth and semi-quick this past weekend and are completely back to normal now.
Day 9 after Devlin greens aeration

Day 14
Day 14 Up Close
Day 17 - Notice the dark green holes.  Air, nutrients and water makes that area of the greens "extra" healthy

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Driving Range Tee Aeration

We aerated the cart barn grass range tee yesterday. We will be on the mats for the next few weeks at that end. Grass will be available at the hotel side of the range. We will be aerating that tee this coming Monday.
Range tee with plugs on it