Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tee Marker Painting

Every year we paint all the tee markers. This fall after I sent the email blast about winter projects, at least 5-10 members remarked how hard it was to tell the difference between the blue and green tee markers. We had the same issue at Bear's Best Atlanta as well. Instead of repainting the green a forest green, we went with more of a kelly green. It turned out good.
Contrast much better between the blue and green markers freshly painted
One course ready to go out in the spring
Next job is the ball washers and trash cans

Friday, December 9, 2016

Boring under the road

The irrigation line between #12 Devlin green and #13 Devlin tee was broken under the road. This happened many years ago, but became an big issue when another line broke under another road this summer. Once the irrigation system was winterized Precision Golf bored under the road to reconnect the two pipes and added two valves just in case we had another issue. We also put a sleeve in the ground for future irrigation expansion for wires. Below are some pictures.
Exposing the connection area
The old line that was capped
The boring equipment and the HDPE pipe