Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Homeowners are constantly cleaning up their yards and putting piles of sticks on the golf course for us to clean up. If you know if anyone doing this please ask them to stop.
#13 Devlin

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spiking Fairways

Yesterday we spiked number 12,15,17, and 18 fairways on the Weiskopf course. We will continue to do this on both courses as weather and time allows. This will help get air down to the roots and help them dry out a little. Every bit helps at this point in the season and the wet weather we have had. You can see it is very non disruptive after it has been mowed.
Spiking fairways early Tuesday morning

Up close before mowing

In the afternoon, after the fairways had been mowed

Thursday, July 9, 2015

More bug spray and sunscreen issues

We are finding more and more dead grass caused by bug spray and sunscreen. Please use when on the cart path and especially not on the greens, tees or fairways. We have multiple spots now on fairways and tees with many more in the rough.
#16 Devlin Fairway

Friday, July 3, 2015

Flood cleanup and dry weather

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we received 1.6" of rain in about 30 minutes. The rain coming that fast on already saturated ground caused the creek on #4 Weiskopf to overflow and a drain at the approach to dump 2-3 inches of silt across that fairway. The crew did a great job cleaning it up and getting the hole playable Wednesday morning and it looks even better today after it was mowed. The rain came so fast that even the Better Billy Bunkers washed out fairly bad. They were all cleanup up and repaired by noon that day. Here are some pictures.
#4 Approach to the green

Hand removal of all silt

Blowing and hosing it clean

Same spot today(Friday)  Looks much better!

#4 Fairway Friday(2 days later)

#13 Weiskopf - 9 hours after it stopped raining