Thursday, April 6, 2017

Repairing Split-rail Fencing

We have repaired the split-rail fences between 18 Devlin tee and 17 Devlin green. The bottoms of the posts rotted out and gave way. While installing new posts we also installed new rails where there were rotted ones.  We continued by repairing the fence on 18 Weiskopf by the lake on 17 Devlin. We replaced posts and rails rhat were rotted. A special thanks goes to Mike Baglia and Bob Austin for the job well done.  We also went out to 11 Weiskopf and installed a new fence to match the existing fences on 4 and 6.  The new fence is located where the culvert goes across at the blue tee.  There have been 4 stakes and rope for the longest time.              New fence on 11 Weiskopf