Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pictures with minimal snow!

With the recent nice weather we have been able to get on the course without snow and get a head start with some spring cleanup. Here are some pictures from the past few days.
Good look of #6 Weisskopf with brush cut down

Fungicides holding strong on #14 Weiskopf fairway

#13 Weiskopf late afternoon

Reminder to not walk on the greens when the course is closed.  Foot traffic damage will occur with frost and freeze.  Please always check in with proshop before entering the course.  If the course is closed there will be a sign at #1 Tee.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Shop details

The employee area in our shop was deep cleaned and painted last week. This includes the walls, trim and ceiling. Today, James brought in a floor buffer and it did a great job reviving the floors in the shop. He will wax them tomorrow. We are painting the walls currently in the mechanics bay. Once finished with the walls we will apply a floor paint to cleanup the shop even more.
Before buffing and cleaning

After buffing and cleaning (wax tomorrow will make it look even better)

Giving a fresh look to the mechanics shop.  Nice and clean.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Moving logs and tree project update

Yesterday and today, Countryside Lumber has started to move the logs off the golf course to the parking lot and the roadsides for the trucks to pick them up. About 4 trailer loads have already been taken to the mill. We are having to be real careful because the ground is still not frozen under the snow even with the cold temperatures. Veneer Tree Service is chipping the remaining tops of the trees and should be done early next week. All that will remain is grinding and cleaning out the stumps and once the snow melts and a final cleanup of all the sticks and debris. Veneer will rake and blow all areas affected.  Then, our crew will fill with soil and seed or sod depending on location.

Logs behind #16 Devlin Green ready to be picked up

Logs at #12/13 Devlin ready to be picked up

Log truck picking up the logs

Big pile in the cart barn parking lot