Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Devlin Deep Tine

The Devlin greens were deep tine aerated on Monday. A company called Perk Air comes in with two machines and does all the greens in 1 day. We were able to go down 6-7 inches. The Devlin greens are push-up greens(made from native soil) and need deeper channels for air, water and sand. On Tuesday we topdressed the greens, drug sand into the holes, and then they were rolled. Today, a product called K-Mag(0-0-22)was added to the greens based on soil tests. The rain the next few days should wash it nicely into the soil.

Perk Air deep timing #13 Green

Adding K-Mag to the greens today

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#8 Weiskopf back left bunker

The back bunker on #8 Weiskopf has been an eyesore. The outfall drain was clogged, the bunker sand was no good and it had no edge and weeds all over it. We opened the drain, removed all the sand and edged it up. In the spring, we will add a liner and new sand, along with sod for the lower edge.  We will wait for the spring, so the sand will be fresh and ready to go out of the gate.

All the sand removed.  Drain lines clean.  Ready for liner and sand in the spring

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aerification season over

After aerating the Weiskopf greens, tees, and fairways, aeration for the 2013 season has come to a close. Everything is healing up nicely, and the greens look great 8-9 days after aerating. The back nine greens are a day plus behind the front nine as they were done last. See the pictures below on how they have healed in.

#7 Green topdressed last Tuesday after aerating

#7 Green Saturday morning after 1/2" tines (4 days)

#1 Green 7 days after aerating

View from #1 collar

First cut Devlin

We added the first cut of rough back in on the Devlin today. It was taken out this spring when the irrigation/drainage project was taking place. Now that most of the lines have grown in, we brought it back. It will take a few mowings to get it slicked back down, but it's a huge improvement from going straight to the fairway to 2.5" mowed rough.