Monday, April 28, 2014

Bunker project

The Better Billy Bunker project will now start on Monday, May 5th. With all the rain forecasted this week it has been pushed back a week. We have all the drainage supplies and polymer material at the shop and ready to go. Golf Creations out of Chicago is the company doing the project and their equipment will be rolling in all week. We will be doing all the green side bunkers on the following holes on the Weiskopf course.  Numbers 3,4,6,7,8,13,14, and 17. We also will be doing the fairway bunker on 6 as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Better Billy Bunker Polymer at the shop ready to go

Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Day

The greens on the Devlin course were deep tined aerated today. An outside company brings in two machines and the process takes about 7-8 hours. We were able to go about 7-8" into the greens which is about 1-2" deeper than last fall. Since the Devlin greens are "push-up" greens, they are native soil and have no internal drainage. We did not pull a core this spring, but choose to create more deeper channels into the greens. This should help push roots deeper and allow water into the greens. A 0-0-50 fertilizer was also applied to the greens today. With Devlin closed, we were able to mow all the approaches, fairways, step cut and all rough on the Devlin today.

The greens on the Weiskopf were lightly topdressed as well this morning. We also continued with spring cleanup, more mowing and the capital valve project. The fairways on all 36 holes were also sprayed with plant protectants, fertilizer and pod annua seed head control. 

Deep Tine Machines in process

Finished product after sand and dragging 

Ray Hartman spraying fairways

Good look down #14 Devlin fairway from the green

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow melting

The snow yesterday and this morning has melted off and we will be ready to go once we thaw out in the morning. Lots more cleanup work, bunker repair, greens being mowed and sprayed are on the agenda for tomorrow. Here are some pictures from today.

Snow on #1 Devlin around 11am

Snow melting on #2 Weiskopf

Looking back towards 2 devlin from 2 weiskopf

Ready to get this mulch out!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Short grass mowing

The greens on both courses were cut earlier this week and we have continued to roll them. Today we cut the collars, approaches and fairways on both courses. We will do tees tomorrow(depending on weather tonight) and mow greens again tomorrow. This really cleaned up the short grass and made the fairways and around the greens look good.

#14 Weiskopf half cut (good color in cut areas)

#1 Devin first pass

Lots of grass

Friday, April 4, 2014

Divots on course

Please do not hit multiple shots on the golf course treating it like a driving range. The grass is still not growing and areas like below will not recover. There are spots like this on every par three on the Devlin course. Thank you for understanding.

Multiple divots like this will not recover quickly.  No one wants to see the golf course tees look like a driving range tee.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Course open and first rolling

Tomorrow all 18 holes on the Devlin course will be open at 10am. Carts will be cart path only with no blue flags. It is very very wet out there so please stay on the path at all times.

We were able to get all the Weiskopf greens rolled this afternoon with anticipation of mowing them in the morning. We will then spray behind the mowers. 

# 5 Weiskopf 1st rolling of the season

Course update

The greens are still about 30% covered in snow. They are fairly unfrozen underneath which is good. Hopefully by this afternoon they will be clear and we can open for play tomorrow.

Putting Green looking over #18 Devlin and #17 Devlin

#18 Devlin Green this morning at 7:30am