Friday, September 22, 2017

Native areas

​As many may have noticed, we have been working the last week or so to cut down our native areas on both courses. The first major reason for mowing these areas down is to prevent all of the fall leaves from being caught up in these areas. This gives us the ability to blow leaves through these areas with ease. The second major reason for doing this is for weed control. As these areas grow long and wispy like we all love to see, it also gives many weeds and trees the ability to grow to their full potential and become unsightly. And lastly mowing down native areas is beneficial for the overall health of the plant as well as the surrounding areas. 8 green Weiskopf 

Friday, September 8, 2017


As Labor Day passes, we look forward to beginning the process of alleviating a season's worth of stress. We do this in part with the process of aeration. Please check out the link below from the USGA as they have put together a very informative graphic on the benefits of this process.  Thank you, Jeff Austin