Friday, March 20, 2015

Weiskopf open tomorrow

The Weiskopf course will be open for play tomorrow at 10AM. Please check in at the pro shop. Carts will be Cart Path Only as it is very wet. The Devlin course greens will remain closed. Sunday both courses will be closed due to the weather. Going forward we will continue to monitor conditions. If the greens are in a freeze/thaw cycle the Devlin temporary flags will be open out in the fairway for walking. Please stay off of the Devlin greens until they are open for play.  Anytime you are on the course, please check in at the pro shop. If you have any questions, please call my office or send me an email. Below are a few pictures of the course. The greens, tees and fairways are in really good shape coming out of winter. They are sprayed in the fall with snow mold control which we had great success with. The rough was not sprayed and is loaded with snow mold. This has been the worst snow mold year we have had in a long time. You probably have some in your yards if it wasn't treated. It is unsightly right now, but should grow out rather quickly once the temperatures warm up and we are more sunshine.

#6 Weiskopf Green.  Color and Health are very good.

#6 Up close

#6 Weiskopf from the tee.  Fairway looks good which was sprayed with snow mold control.  The rough was untreated and you can see exactly where the sprayer left off.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

End in sight?

With the sunshine and 45 degrees yesterday(felt like it was 70), we were able to get our equipment moved around and our buildings cleaned out. We are about a day or so away from being able to get out in the course and work on projects that were started in the fall and get trees and limbs cleaned up. We need sun and a slow melt down.  Temperatures are forecasted to be back below normal next week, but hopefully the snow will be gone!
cleaning out pole equipment storage building

Shop yard finally has no ice in it

Still alot of snow

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Manager Round Table

On Wednesday March 11th, Jeff Austin, the Devlin course superintendent will be the manager featured during our managers round table dinner at the clubhouse.  If you have not gone to a managers round table, it is a great time to get to know some of the staff and have dinner with them.  Jeff and his wife Tina will be there and have room for 8 more people at their table. Please make your reservations through Maria-Elena.